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Welcome to the Wheeler's Westfield Airport Fly-In Website!
Arriving Aircraft Page

This page documents the aircraft that flew in for or participated in the fly-in. 


Several powered parachutes arrived early and then flew to Elwood for breakfast: MVC-698F.JPG (132929 bytes)  Here are others as they arrived and parked: MVC-699F.JPG (250418 bytes)  MVC-700F.JPG (134317 bytes)  MVC-701F.JPG (218444 bytes)  MVC-704F.JPG (272501 bytes)  MVC-706F.JPG (197261 bytes)  MVC-707F.JPG (185593 bytes)  MVC-708F.JPG (278570 bytes)  MVC-709F.JPG (282682 bytes)  and Stu Reynolds making sure the spectators are safe as the aircraft are parked: MVC-705F.JPG (272372 bytes)  As a courtesy to visiting pilots, member Jim Cooper placed a sign post showing the direction and mileage to various fields around the country: MVC-710F.JPG (153542 bytes)