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All in a Day's Work page

This page shows the work that goes into preparing for the fly-in.  The Indy Flyers Ultralight Club is a non-profit organization, dedicated to aviation safety and education.  The day before the fly-in, several members of the Indy Flyers club met at the airfield to prepare it for the events.  This is just a few of the things that needed to be done in order to prepare for this fly-in.  Many thanks to all of the members that helped to make this fly-in a success.

Here are several members setting up a windsock: MVC-688F.JPG (258409 bytes)  Next it was time to erect the two tents loaned to the club for this event by Reid Haney: MVC-692F.JPG (232302 bytes) These tents really helped to keep the spectators cool.  The club was very grateful to Mr. Haney for his contribution to this event. 

As part of the club's education policy, a table was brought to a vacant hangar and several free magazines were placed there for people to take. These magazines included Ultralight Flying, Experimenter, Private Pilot, and Aero Sports Connection, just to mention a few.  As people ventured into the hangar for food and drink they were encouraged to browse the selection and take whatever literature they thought would be of interest.  

Inside this hangar is where lunch was to be served so several boxes of paper products, the barbeque grill, extension cords, etc had to be brought and setup.  Several trash cans were made available and placed around. 

Since there was going to be several competition events such as a simulated aircraft carrier landing, the taxiway needed to be marked.  The club did not want to use the live runway for the events in case regular traffic needed to land so that is why the decision was made to mark the taxiway.  It took several men and several bags of lime to mark the field.