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Welcome to the Wheeler's Westfield Airport Fly-In Website!
Tour d' Westfield Page

Before lunch and the competition events, many pilots join club president Gary Tackett in a flying tour of the city of Westfield.

Here is member Rudy Alvies, MVC-720F.JPG (232592 bytes) announcer for today's festivities, highlighting the events.    After leading everyone in singing the National Anthem, he proposed a moment of silence for aviators that have perished  in pursuit of their dream of flying.  Two pilots, Nathaniel Halsmer and Ben Seal were close to several Indy Flyer members and will be greatly missed.  Heads were bowed and a moment of silence was observed.

The first planned event was the tour d' Westfield where the pilots are to take a flight around the city of Westfield.  Here are some of the pilots and their aircraft that participated:

Club President Gary Tackett lead the tour: MVC-723F.JPG (215769 bytes) MVC-724F.JPG (197383 bytes)  MVC-725F.JPG (205419 bytes)  MVC-726F.JPG (204430 bytes)  MVC-727F.JPG (211491 bytes)  MVC-728F.JPG (196703 bytes)  MVC-729F.JPG (197919 bytes)  MVC-730F.JPG (213741 bytes)  MVC-731F.JPG (165462 bytes)  MVC-732F.JPG (141004 bytes)