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Welcome to the Wheeler's Westfield Airport Fly-In Website!
(You can find more information about  our airfield by clicking here. )

Home of the Indy Flyers Ultralight Aviation Club!

Saturday August 12, 2000 was the date of our Fly-in.  Take a look at the various aircraft that flew in and/or participated in the competitions by clicking on the links on the left side of this page.

There were approximately 40 different aircraft that flew in.  Not only did we have pilots from Indiana, but we also had pilots fly in from Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio.

Be sure to see Dean Batman's Fly-In 2000 website here: http://members.home.net/dean.batman/flyin2000.html

and more pictures from Larry Davis here: http://www.bpsinet.com/ldavis/flying20004.html

And more from a lady who drove down from Michigan here: http://www.onlineappeal.com/plane/westfield.html

She also came up with this great graphic:


MVC-802F.JPG (225949 bytes)
The first winner receiving his plaque!

MVC-803F.JPG (218743 bytes)
2 Event Winner!
This pilot won 2 events!