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Welcome to the Wheeler's Westfield Airport Fly-In Website!
Torpedo Run/Balloon Pop Page

This page displays pictures from the torpedo run and balloon pop competitions.  The torpedo run simulates a low pass over 3 enemy ship.  The pilot drops their torpedo (softball) and attempts to hit one of the targets.  The balloon pop is where the pilot circles the field until they locate the helium filled balloon released by Mike Ward.  The pilot has 2 attempts to pop the balloon, and each pilot has 2 balloons released.

Here are pictures of the torpedo run:

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Here are some pictures of the balloon pop:

        MVC-793F.JPG (99434 bytes)  MVC-794F.JPG (93671 bytes)  MVC-795F.JPG (87524 bytes)  MVC-796F.JPG (78898 bytes)  MVC-797F.JPG (98641 bytes)